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Baby Boomers are reaching the age of retirement and many are
looking for something new and different. The computer has
a variety of options which can provide a way of making some
extra money plus creating new interests to expand their horizons.

I have been working on opportunities to do both;  make money
and expand my horizons. Working these programs have gained
me much knowledge of the internet and how to promote other
ventures I have discovered. You may join me if you wish.

To make a living on the internet you have to have dedication.
You need to enjoy what your are doing. Whether you are     
interested in making a living or just making some extra money  
you need to work at it like an ordinary job. You are your own  
boss. It is hard being your own boss. You have no one to   
answer to except yourself. You have to push yourself if you  
are serious about your business.  

If you are just interested in extra money then you can put
in what ever time you wish but you still need to have some
kind of schedule. The programs I belong to make it possible
to have either one or the other. You can set your pace.

                       Begin your adventures here!

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Patricia Downing
Patricia Downing


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