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One of the most comprehensive of training programs
I discovered in 2004 is the Moneylegs Network
Development Club. Quite possibly there are others on
the internet as good but I haven't run across them though,
if you have a good one already why look for others?

It also had a one time, lifetime, Senior Upgrade which would
give you more benefits and accessibility than a free
membership would. It also had a 50% commission paid out
for every referral you bring into the program if you upgrade
or 10% if only they upgrade and you don't. If no one upgrades
then no one makes money.

This program not only taught you how to make a business
on the internet it also had the programs inside it to promote
your business.  I think many of the members who belonged
didn't realize what they had especially after Doug Williams,
the creator of the program, died.

Doug's idea was for you to join Moneylegs and then join the
other programs in the downline builder or as it is called the
'FollowMe Directory'. These programs included these genre:
Classified Ads; Text ads; Banners; a List Builder; plus a
"Niche Search Directory like no other." Most of these programs
in the 'FollowMe Directory' were also traffic exchanges.

The Moneylegs program itself was not a traffic exchange nor
the money-making 3Step program which was remodelled and
became SeoSquid.  SeoSquid had PDF training ebooks, a 
banner and splashpage maker, rotators, autoresponder and

Since all these programs were created many years ago they
wore out so the owner and associates remade
them all.
 Two new programs were created;
21stCenturySurf and EZProfitsPlus, the latter replaced
SeoSquid. Anyone who belonged to SeoSquid was
grandfathered into EZProfitsPlus plus those who use to
belong were allowed to join for free to check it out.
(Two new programs have replaced SeoSquid;  EZProfitsPlus
 plus ViralHost was brought back for affordable
domain hosting.)

The rest of the programs  have been replaced with very
useful up-to-date programs .  They all are the most
innovative, hands on tools for building and promoting your own 
online business.  ProTrafficFunnel is a great program for a
high percentage of conversions, providing more site
exposure, protection and a unique promotion opportunity.
Another super program for bringing you an income.  

We work with many different tools and continuously look for 
the best ways to build our business. We are really a community
and as a community we expect our members to be diligent, honest
and to do their part.  We can work atour own pace but if you
want to achieve success you need to follow the plan.  Much can
be learned at conferences that are available every week.                

Come build with Us

Patricia Downing
Patricia Downing
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