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My name is Patricia and I live on a farm in the middle of
Canada. I am married and have three children who are now
out on their own. I have been mostly a stay at home mom
which leads to being one of the main volunteers in our small
town since so many parents work outside the home.

I have been a social convenor when we lived in the city,
a softball coach and assistant ringette coach. When we
moved to the farm the baseball season was during seeding
and calving time. Therefore as one who was available I
not only was the secretary/treasurer but also the coach
of my youngest son's baseball team.

When I first bought a computer I did what many people do, I
got an email address and I played online games. Then my
brother got me thinking about making money online. He
convinced me to join a coffee company that was just
starting up. The coffee came right from the roaster and
it was the best coffee I had ever tasted. It was roasted and
sent out within a day or two. I have never liked store
bought coffee since.

That company went by the way side which was really a crime
because it was perfect for an avid coffee drinker such as
myself. But then my brother found another company which
produced cold-pressed olive oil right from Greece. That
is the only kind of oil I will use, oil that has been cold-pressed,
for in my opinion it is the only way our bodies can use
oil in a healthy way.

Since so many of us who have been trying to run a home based
business on the internet are inexperienced, it was inexperience,
financial expenses and to me disloyalty that closed that business
down. It may be up and running again but I decided that it was
no longer something I could afford at the time.

In the mean time I had found the Moneylegs Network
Development Club. It has been my best discovery. I have

learned so much about building a business online through this
program and it was free to join.The owner died and others took
over  but it became outdated and a new Hosting program took its

I am continuously learning and building, why not join me,

it is a fun and exciting journey!
                       Begin your adventures here!

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Patricia Downing

Patricia Downing


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