The good life

Roses have thorns
The blue comes through
Gold is enduring


                             Assumed Constraints
Taken from the book: Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager
by Ken Blanchard,  Susan Fowler and Laurence Hawkins 

The Business Card Trick

1. Take a business card and fold it in half lengthwise.
Starting from the folded edge, cut a series of slits
one-quarter inch apart to within about one-half inch of the
opposite side.

2. Turn the card completely around so that the open edges are
facing you.  Between the slits, cut more slits going in the opposite
direction, stopping about one-half inch from the opposite end of the

3. Slip the scissors into the fold starting after the first slit.  Cut along
the folded edge, stopping at the last slit, being careful to leave
one-quarter inch of the fold intact at each end.

4. Carefully unfold the card, pulling the slits apart as wide as they
will go, and slip the paper ring over your head.

So you see anything is possible!

Patricia Downing                       

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