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                             Organizing Your Mind
Awaken Your Enthusiasm ---- Increase Your Incentive
This is from the Third Capture of Harry Lorayne's book, ' Secrets of Mind Power'.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that,
"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Average achievements maybe but the great achievements need enthusiasm.
For someone to achieve their goal what ever that goal is, that person needs to
have enthusiasm or it will not be achieved. Less than complete enthusiasm for
your objective will have you stopping and starting and making 'busywork' because
you don't really have your heart in the endeavour so you procrastinate. You
will more than likely do a half-hearted attempt and you won't achieve the
success that others achieve when they put their whole heart into their project.

Most of us won't have the greatness of Leonardo da Vinci but what we do
accomplish will be much easier if we do it with enthusiasm. The ancient philosopher
Terence said, "There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it
with reluctance

If you ever wrote an essay and didn't enjoy it then you probably weren't enthusiastic
about it, so it was a chore. The same with any job you may have to do, if you put some
enthusiasm into the effort it is so much easier to do and it will turn out to be something
you look forward to doing.

My last article mentioned showing interest in others. This interest is more surely to be
aroused by showing enthusiasm in learning about others. You need to start by
listening to what others are saying and be enthusiastic about their interests.
Wilson Mizner ( an American playwright, raconteur, and entrepreneur ) once said,
"A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something!"

Lorayne feels that, "one's incentive in everyday living ---the goals one sets for himself--
is closely related to enthusiasm
." What is said about enthusiasm, is "usually
also true of incentive
." He firmly believes about enthusiasm and incentive,
"that these things are self-controlled and must originate in the mind."
For as he says, there isn't much success if there is no incentive.
People either set up goals that don't match their abilities or they don't set up any goals
at all.

Lorayne believes and I sort of agree that so often we are told that we should do
"the best that we can"
and don't worry about being any better. Lorayne believes that we should not settle
for that but that we should strive for even more than our best. Lorayne feels that we
should, "set your goals just a bit farther than what you believe to be your best.
Believe that you can do it and you probably will
!"  I believe I usually told my
children to do their best, but I never thought of telling them to do more than your best.
I believe the men and women who won the Olympic metals were extending their best!

Harry Lorayne believes, "that many people keep themselves from success by
their own short-sightedness; their easy-to-attain goals; and their attitudes of
"I can't" do this or that

J. A. Hadfield (Lecturer in Psychology) stated, "Common experience teaches that,
when great demands are made upon us, if only we fearlessly accept the
challenge and confidently expend our strength, every danger or difficulty
brings its own strength

As Lorayne continues in the same theme, "Circumstances may back you up against
a wall and all seems lost --but it may be the best thing that ever happened to you

The human body and mind are actually miracles, "When put in the position of
having to do something, one usually does, either physically or mentally

Here is a story Lorayne told of a mother's ingenuity, talk about quick thinking!

The family was poor and their daughter had yet to be married. Upon meeting a
wealthy young man who showed an interest in the daughter, the mother came up
with a plan. She invited him to dinner and cooked a beautiful turkey indicating
it was the daughter who cooked it.

As the daughter carried the turkey into the dining room she tripped and the bird
went flying across the room. Everyone was aghast but after a moments thought the
mother with amazing inspiration said, "That's all right, my dear, just take that bird
back to the kitchen, and bring out the 'other' one!"

Benjamin Disraeli said: "Every production of genius must be the production
of enthusiasm."

The rest of chapter three can be concluded in a few paragraphs. It deals
with the fact that we are easily swayed by suggestion. Some of us more than others
and it may be our own doing or others influence.  A simple example 'if one person
yawns we find ourselves yawning as well which is more or less an automatic
reaction from most people.' In some cases though we can convince ourselves
of all kinds of things, the trick is to know when it is good or bad for us.

If you are determined to succeed you need enthusiasm, incentive and initiative
and belief that you can succeed. "Believing that you can do something is
almost tantamount to accomplishing it."

"Make up your mind to win; work toward winning with enthusiasm, and the
odds are with you.  If you are the type whose goal is merely to 'avoid failure'
instead of to  ' attain success',  you're looking at the pits instead of the peaches."
Don't leave yourself an 'out',  look at the peach first and be a success!

Patricia Downing                       

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