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Blogging -  My main domain page that I use to
                               brand myself and sell myself and my
                               business.  This where my cpanel is and
                                where I make my pages, have emails and
10khits4unow       -  My 10khits4unow page where I can capture
                                my leads and generate traffic. Start with 10k
                                and learn the ten ways to make money with
                                our traffic exchanges, then build your business
                                with all our programs.

Clickaholics          -  A new Clickaholics but still the old values and
                                 business promotion idea.

21stCenturySurf    -  This is one of our new money making surf
                                  accelerated traffic exchanges where members
                                  can earn commission from their upgraded team.
        Free Member           Upgraded Member             Upgraded Plus
               10%                               30%                                   50%
           $9.95                            $ 9.95                                $ 9.95
10%    $ 1.00                   30%  $ 2.99                      50%   $ 4.96
           $19.95                           $19.95                                $19.95
10%    $ 2.00                   30%  $ 5.99                      50%   $ 9.98
ProTrafficFunnel   -   A super program for promoting your programs
                                  in the Niche they belong in. Increase your
                                  conversions, get your site seen, send out
                                  solo mails, plus...

Viral Host
             -    This is the beginning and the advancement of
                                  all the work that is
being done.  You need a
                                  domain if you are a serious business person.
                                  At Viral Host you buy your domain and then
                                  the hosting and
your adventure begins.
                                  Building your domain, using all the tools from
                                  all the programs designed to help you build
                                  your business.  All this with the help of the
                                          dedicated staff.  Here is where serious money
                                  can be made if you follow the system.  
                                     Begin your adventures here!

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Patricia Downing

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