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I am the type of person who when I see something that
I like and believe is exceptional, I want to be involved
with it.  I felt that way when I first went on the internet
and became involved in the
buying and the selling of
exceptional coffee beans. Later I also came in contact
with an exceptional olive oil.

Even though these businesses didn't work out I still buy
coffee beans from a roaster rather than from a store.  I
also always buy cold-pressed olive oil, as well as other
cold-pressed oils I may want.  For I believe that is the only
way oil can be digested completely by the body.

I am still working online and as you can see I have my own
domain which is hosted by Viral Host.  It is a reliable server
which doesn't promise unlimited bandwidth and then makes
your site disappear because you used too much bandwidth.
They don't only give you a cpanel to work with they also
give support when you need it.

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