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                      Organizing Your Mind
Chapter 9
You Can Solve Your Problems - Once You Know What They Are

The big problems weren't mentioned in my last article. 
Sometimes it is a lot of small problems that seem like one
big one.  No matter how big the problem is Lorayne says to
look for the heart of the problem. He says to take care of
the problem that is constantly on your mind.  Get rid of that
and you will be one step closer to the main problem. 

Looking at the whole picture and dwelling on it can stymie you. 
It is good to look at the big picture but when starting to deal with
it you need to look at small parts of it and deal with them one at a
time.  Lorayne suggests that uncertainty , doubt and indecision
are habits we need to get rid of before we can deal with our

Lorayne deals with the objections concerning lack of money,
poor health and physical handicaps.  He suggests that realizing
that others are worse off than we are helps temporarily but doesn't
fix our problems.  He suggests, "that one way to make ends meet
is to get
off your own!" 

Most of us have to look after our own obligations so Lorayne
suggests that we start doing that.  Many of us live beyond our
means so we need to stop thinking that we have to have something
rather than buying just what we really need.

He also says that many people make the money according to their
ability but many others have the ability but aren't making what
they are capable of.  Suggesting the reasons being; laziness, fear
of changing to a new job or new location, plus lack of confidence.

Quoting Lorayne, "One of the saddest types of business failure is the
person who has stayed in the same place for years - afraid to make a
change.  This type also firmly believes that he just didn't have the right
opportunities".... Lorayne insists that, "opportunity is a state of mind -
plus action!"

He implies we could figure out how to make some extra money in the
time we allot for feeling sorry for ourselves.  Suggesting a way of
advancing ourselves would be to manage our money more wisely. 
Start a savings account and only buy what we absolutely need and only
with what money there is  in that account.  Please don't say, "but I need
to have some fun or a rest from cooking, etc. etc."   You don't have a
'right' to have fun, that is something you earn plus the fact that there are
lots of things you can do that doesn't cost money.

Problems we own and problems that own us.
Ask yourself and examine yourself, are you doing the best you can to
solve your problem or are you causing yourself more problems?  Health
problems are something we can't always do anything about unless we
aren't getting the help for it.  Being in pain can stop you from getting
anything done.  Get yourself looked after when your health first starts to
go down hill and do yourself a favor.

"He who procrastinates will gain more weight."  This doesn't just refer to
dieting, problems can be what is 'weighing you down'. "It isn't what you
do that tires or hurts you in any way, it's what you don't do that causes
trouble." It is your ability that counts, not your disability.

Lorayne has had lectures with parapelegics who were there to learn
something so they could earn a living.  They were very well adjusted and

Helen Keller who was blind said of herself, "I thank God for my handicaps
for without them I could not have succeeded."  Perhaps believing Emerson
who said, "No man had ever a defect that was not somewhere made useful
to him."

Helen Keller had a great attitude!  What ever your handicap, the important
thing is; how you react to it affects how your attitude in life is.  Like it or not,
"What cannot be cured must be endured."  Try to make it as pleasant as
possible for all concerned.  I have often heard the comment, "I can't live
with this!"  The thing is, when there is nothing you can do about a situation
you do adapt, for what choice do you have. 

Lorayne tells of a gardener who writes to the Dept of Agriculture:
"I've tried everything you told me to in all your booklets and in all your
instructions on how to get rid of dandelions, but I still have them."
The Dept of Agriculture wrote back: " Dear sir, if you have tried everything
we've told you to and you still have dandelions, there is only one thing left to
do...... learn to love them!"

Patricia Downing                       

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